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Product Overview
Reservation System touchONE
Programming Tools
Technologies Integration
Supported Technologies
Basic Control Solution
Wired Keypads
Wired Touch Panels
Mobile Solution
Lightweight Controllers
Graphic Player

Web Application


Product code CS0605

  • Safe, easy-to-use, and cheap solution for simple room control & meeting management using BYOD
  • Web application activated by scanning a QR code
  • All handled from the comfort of own personal device
  • Touching only own personal device
  • All control in user hands
  • Provides a customized user interface
  • Compatible with all mobile platforms
  • One-time license purchase


Data Sheet


User Manual


Unified Runtime


Product code CS0485

  • Runtime for control applications designed with Cue Visual Composer just like CUE’ touch panels
  • Phone, tablet, or PC can be used as a Cue System control panel
  • Compatible with latest versions of Apple iOS, Android and Windows operating systems
  • Provides a customized user interface
  • Applications and floating licenses stored in any CUE’s controller or touch panel
  • Allows viewing live streaming video
  • Wired or wireless network communication between the control system and devices running appCUE

Data Sheet

User Manual

Setup for Apple iOS

Setup for Android

Setup for Windows