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Technologies Integration


Home and building automation systems use many devices and technologies and most of them really enhance our lifestyle.

Typically each technology brings its own mobile device application enabling visualization and control of specific devices, e.g. security, locks, lights, HVAC, audio/video systems, etc. Finally the user would have several different applications to setup, learn and use and they all have a different look and feel. In addition many technologies does not offer other control panel than mobile device. In case of device loss or discharge the control is impossible.

Most of worldwide automation technologies lack very important feature - integration of other technologies. That means there is no common way they could interchange data thus create a smart and true automated environment.

Want to combine the worldwide technologies? The Cue System is to provide an integration platform to fix this issue.


Based on advanced hardware and software solution, the Cue System

  • Integrates different devices, protocols and systems based on worldwide technologies KNX, DALI, Modbus, EnOcean, DLNA, Philips HUE and many others
  • Provides straightforward and secure integration
  • Enables data exchange between devices and systems
  • Controls and automates all technologies
  • Visualizes all technologies on mobile devices and touch panels
  • Controls all technologies from a single application on your mobile device and thus eliminates separate mobile applications dedicated for individual technologies
  • Controls all technologies using wireless/tabletop/wall touch panels, keypads, button panels, etc.
  • Triggers all technologies by date, time, sunrise / sunset, temperature, etc.
  • Offers convenient and consistent operation
  • Offers high level of flexibility owing to extensive support of various standards